In LEINN International, the newcomers take control of their own education, and learn how to be self-sufficient and self-starters. Being in control of their own transformation. We believe that learning and creating together, we can make a positive impact locally and globally. To carry this out, we use the Mondragon Team Academy methodology, from within Mondragon Unibertsitatea, and belong to its international network.

How LEINN was Born

Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) was founded 10 years ago to lead the rebirth of the entrepreneurial spirit and creative capacity of the Mondragon environment. The aim was to create an open international community of team-entrepreneurs cooperating on a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary level.

The Official European degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation (LEINN) started in 2008. After the success during more than 5 years, LEINN International was created, innovating this already disruptive program.

Let the world change you, and you will change the world

University Backing

Mondragon Unibertsitatea is a University that is rooted in the Basque Country, committed to the Basque language and culture, while open to the 21st century challenges. The educational model is based on values such as innovation, humanism, solidarity and cooperation, the cornerstone being a practical approach to education.

Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) is an international community of team-entrepreneurs driven by the urge to make the world a more sustainable and social place to live in.

Founded in May 2008, MTA has adapted the methodology of Tiimiakatemia Finland and the MONDRAGON Corporation. This combination is the reason for the community’s richness in culture, and focus on innovation.

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