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Hello from Abora! If you follow us carefully you have probably heard some of the things we have been doing in the past six months but for sure not everything. The intention with this article is to give you a better and more profound insight about the last months that we have been growing our company.


In January 2019 we decided in the company that we were going to allow the different start-ups and individuals time to explore their passions. Four of what were projects a long time ago, and now start-ups, decided to go one step further in growing their business. The start-ups that decided to continue are; Kendani, an online marketplace only for sustainable products with the planet, in the company we call it the Amazon of sustainable shopping. We dream of making sustainable shopping easier. This dream has become a reality as a couple of months ago the platform was released and we already have our first customers; BeMonkeys, a phone accessories brand that connects and empowers youth, during the last months we have been pivoting and have decided to switch the entire business and make it 100% eco-friendly; OX Riders, electric motorbikes with a vintage-retro-futuristic style that will go to market by the end of 2019, we have raised our first capital for boosting the business and we are looking for more investment right now; NEWi, an educational project that focuses on the development of the Changemaker Lab program in an online platform. Also besides the start-ups that we have in Abora, part of the team has been exploring specific industries in order to find possible trends and business models. We are currently exploring in the field of Fintech for already six months and the field of eSports for ten months already. Our aim with this is that after the phase of exploration we get a team together to launch a new start-up!


The last six months have been really great for exploring and growing individually, but what is more exciting is what is coming next. We realised during the company strategic days that we held two weeks ago, that if we were going to continue with the strategy we started with in 2019, it did not make sense to continue operating as Abora. Of course what we all want is to continue with Abora and, for this reason, we decided to make a change in the strategy that we were following until now. We have decided that during the next four months we are going to move back together. We envision the new ABORA 3.0 as a company that releases brands and products of highly positive impact, having its own business model. The first step we are taking towards that is to come together to Madrid, Spain, and settle the headquarters of the company.


Stay connected to us through our social media and learn more on how are we getting to that vision! Please, if you have any questions or you want to learn more send us an email or talk to us through social media!


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