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The just-completed six-month-long learning journey to Seattle has been a fruitful one for the team. They have established a clearer identity as a company, focused on working on communications and tech with their three, now most-developed projects:

  1. Go For Visual, which worked at multiple events every week during the last months;

  2. MAV Dinners, seeking for investment;

  3. Skr Skr!, making it visible by putting their brand out there.

The team rode countless hours in the so-called FUN Mobile, a 15-seat van that used to transport prisoners, they also acquired dozens of new friends, hundreds of new contacts and even got a couple of people interested in joining the company. 

… Ah, they also invoiced more than ever before. Very important.


What’s next for the three-letter company? C H IN A…. and India, and Bali, and Korea… who really knows?


The group of 14 expects to hear «Thanks for choosing Air China. Welcome to Shanghai» before the end of the month. Then, they will work as hard as they did in Seattle to bring FUN to Asia.


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